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Integrated Online Substation Equipment Condition Monitoring
Main Features
  •  Integrated various condition monitoring devices.
  •  Economic, open, and modulated architecture.
  •  Provided central alarm/event notification & condition reports by emails.
  •  All the modules can run independently and have OPC interfaces.
  •  Ready to be integrated into substation automation.
Independent Modules:
  •  Motor Signature & Runtime Monitoring.
  •  Breaker Condition Monitoring.
  •  Gas-in-oil Monitoring.
  •  Transformer Thermal Modelling & LTC monitoring.
  •  SF6 Density/Leakage Rate Monitoring.
  •  Bushings insulation Monitoring.
  •  Battery Condition Monitoring.
Supported Sensors:
  •  Optimizer+, Hydran, TrueGas, SOS, LTC-MAP 1525, etc.
Email Notification:
  •  Send out alarm/event email right away.
  •  Send reports email (csv files in current version) weekly/monthly/quarterly.